Matthew James Stone


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Matthew James Stone explores “imperfection” and “life force in materiality” he builds tension between the patterns of the natural world and manmade material and process. Inspired by the embodiment of meaning in material found in nature, Stone creates symbols and abstraction investigating the human condition from a cosmic perspective. The sculptures by Stone resemble small monuments to a world that is behind or in-between moments; a quantum particle, the jeweled feather of a bird, or a memory that may have been a dream. Compelled by the ancient and the futuristic, Stones artifacts are mysterious and compelling, his works unlike the ancient object resonate with a time yet to be, that one day will hold a place in history. Matthew James Stone graduated with

a bachelors degree in Fine Art and Sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2003 and in 201o he finished a Masters of Fine Art from the School of the Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. He has completed two solo shows in New York at the Hole and in Brooklyn at Like the Spice Gallery as well as numerous group shows around the country. Matthew James Stone lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.